Install Guide

Use the links below to view the components of nttmuClinical.NET on the NuGet Gallery.

Component Nuget Package ID and Link
Section Heading Recognition TMU-BioTextMining.i2b2.Section
Risk Factor Recognition and Time Attribute Assignment TMU-BioTextMining.i2b2.RiskFactor
Smoking Status Classification TMU-BioTextMining.i2b2.Smoking
Record Format Detection Record Format Detection

To install one of the above nttmuClinical.NET components, please run the following command in the Package Manager Console with the corresponding nuget package ID.

PM> Install-Package [Nuget Package ID]

For example, if you want to install the "Section heading recognition" component, run the following command.

PM> Install-Package TMU-BioTextMining.i2b2.Section

You can also use the Manage NuGet Packages dialog box to find, install, remove, and update our nttmuClinical.NET packages by using the above package IDs. The detail instruction is available at


Use the links in the table below to download the pre-trained models for nttmuClinical.NET.

Section Heading Recognition
Description Source Download
Section Recognizer Model Trained on the i2b2 2014 Set1 dataset sampleSet1.model
Word bag information file bag_dist.txt
SecTag section header terminology Vanderbilt Biomedical Language Processing Lab-SecTag SecTag_concepts.csv
Risk factor recognition and time attribute assignment
Description Source Download
CAD event key terms cad_event.txt
Smoking status classification
Description Source Download
Smoking keyword file smokingterms.txt
Description Source Download
MedPost-related files NCBI MedPost
Stanford parser model

Stanford Natural Language Processing

Group-Stanford Parser